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Gay Porn At Its Finest – FAB GUYS

Given the possibility to stream everything online, this is the best time to watch gay porn. Unless you are in a country with totalitarian restrictions, pretty much anyone can get online and find gay pornography. What it is after all? 

Simply put, gay pornography involves materials designed to boost the erotic mood in someone. In real life, gay material can cover both men and women. When it comes to porn, gay females are referred to lesbians, while the general gay porn tends to refer to men only. 


From many points of view, gay porn can be described as art. Think about it this way – it is addictive and hard to regulate. Everyone has their own vision. It can be unethical and a taboo topic, yet everyone watches it. There is nothing to be ashamed about.

With all these, such a variety can make gay porn overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in all the materials available online. Understanding the main categories will lead you in the right direction. So, what are your kinks about?

Available Categories at FABGUYS

Amateur. When you imagine gay porn, you imagine two men with six packs and every possible muscle in a good condition – a modern version of Hercules or Achilles. The scenario is classic – someone delivering a pizza or coming over to fix a printer. The scenario is quite unrealistic. This is when amateur gay porn kicks in. Its popularity has skyrocketed over the past years due to its realistic profile. Sure, it may have a plot and it is probably directed, rather than spontaneous. But then, it is so realistic that it simply feels better.

Hardcore porn is hard to describe. It goes into small details and it gives you access to rough banging. There is not too much romance involved, but just lots of action from all points of view. To some, it might feel a little rough, but it is a classic category.

Hentai. There is an unwritten rule out there – if it exists, someone is probably making a porn version of it. If you thought your most intense fantasy is too weird to exist, you are wrong. Whether it comes to anime characters, animal people or cartoons... If it is legal, you can find it out there.

Audio porn caters to those who enjoy gay porn without actually being able to see it. It is practically spoken pornography. It can be anything. It can be an erotic story or perhaps some moans. The point is – it is easy to turn someone on and since it is based on audio only, you can play it with your headphones even if your roommate is nearby.

Cam boys. If classic recorded porn is no longer appealing to you, you might consider cam boys – the secret that can bring your appetite back. Cam boys represent a different category of gay porn – they stream live over the Internet and will do anything you ask them for, assuming that you tip them right. There are many websites out there, but there are also a plethora of recorded shows. Sure, recorded shows might feel real, but they are not live. From this point of view, live cam gay porn is all about the moment.

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) gay porn is suitable for those whose sexual fantasies take a rough approach. However, this is among the most common categories out there – in fact, lots of people are into this kink.

BDSM may not be for everyone, yet the concept can turn anyone on. In other words, you can experience domination and submission in a more peaceful way, without being part of the actual experience and having it first hand.

VR gay porn may not represent the most diversified category out there, but it is certainly one that has exploded lately. New videos pop up every day for a simple reason – the line between porn on a screen and porn in first person is extremely fine. You become one of the actors and experience everything first hand. It makes no difference what kind of VR set you have – the outcome is a futuristic trip into your gay fantasies experienced as if you were there.

Now, these categories target gay porn from various directions. They explain different ways to experience gay porn. But what if you are not really bothered about how you gain access to gay porn? What if you just want a quick sexual experience – regardless of the mode?

Gay porn is just as diversified as other types of porn. In other words, you will find all kinds of categories:

·         Amateur – made or at least made to look like the cast members are amateurs.

·         Anal – involving lots of anal sex.

·         Asian – suitable for those who are into Asians.

·         Bareback – no sexual protection involved.

·         Black or mixed – involving black men or at least one black man.

·         Bukkake – at least one cast member covered in the semen of more men.

·         Daddy – one of the cast members is older and pretend to be a daddy or a sugar daddy.

·         Gangbang – one or more men banged by a bigger group of men.

Other self explanatory categories include: 

·         Orgy

·         Glory hole

·         Creampie

·         Humiliation

·         Gaping

·         Emo

·         Hardcore

·         Blowjob

·         Handjob

·         Latino

·         Outdoor

Couple Of Ending Thoughts From FABGUYS Team

Put it this way – the society has never been more open minded. Gay relationships are publicly recognized pretty much everywhere out there. At the same time, gay porn has experienced a massive boom over the past decade. Literally any classic porn category can be found in the gay industry as well. 

It is worth noting that gay porn may go even further and can include trans porn as well – based on transsexual or transgender actors. The same category may also be referred to as shemale porn.

Bottom line, different people are into different things. If you can think about it, you can probably find a porn version of it.